Image of Prof. Steven k. Feiner

Steven K. Feiner

Steven K. Feiner is Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University, where he directs the Computer Graphics and User Interfaces Lab. His research interests include human-computer interaction, augmented reality and virtual environments, 3D user interfaces, knowledge-based design of graphics and multimedia, mobile and wearable computing, computer games, and information visualization.

E-mail: feiner [at] cs.columbia.edu

Doctoral Students

Photograph of Mengu Sukan

Mengu Sukan

Mengu Sukan is a PhD student in the Computer Graphics and User Interfaces Lab at Columbia University.  His research interests include 3D user interfaces, augmented reality (more specifically for navigation, maintenance & repair, games), and information visualization. He received his BS in Industrial Engineering in 2002 from University of Wisconsin − Madison, where he concentrated his coursework on efficiency, optimization, systems design, simulations, and programming.

E-mail:mengu [at] cs.columbia.edu

Photograph of Brian Smith

Brian A. Smith

Brian is a Ph.D. candidate at Columbia University, working in both the Computer Vision Laboratory (with Prof. Shree K. Nayar) and the Computer Graphics and User Interfaces Laboratory (with Prof. Steven K. Feiner). He was also an NDSEG Fellow. His research combines computer vision, ubiquitous computing, and augmented reality. He is interested in helping technology fit into the bigger picture of people’s everyday lives.

E-mail:brian [at] cs.columbia.edu

Photograph of Daniel Miau

Daniel Miau

E-mail:dmiau [at] cs.columbia.edu

Research Assistants

Carmine Elvezio

E-mail: celvezio [at] gmail.com

Undergraduate Students

Morgan Thompson



Ohan Oda (Ph.D., ’15) <ohan[at]cs.columbia.edu>

Ajoy Fernandes (M.Sc., ’15) <ajoysfernandes[at]gmail.com >

Lauren Wilcox (Ph.D., ’13) <wilcox[at]cs.columbia.edu>

Semih Energin (M.Sc., ’13)

Nicolas J. Dedual (M.Sc., ’09) <dedual[at]cs.columbia.edu>

Blaine A. Bell (Ph.D., ’05) <blaine[at]cs.columbia.edu>

Hrvoje Benko (Ph.D., ’07) <benko[at]cs.columbia.edu>

Gábor Blaskó (Ph.D., ’07) <gblasko[at]cs.columbia.edu>

Steve Henderson (Ph.D., ’11) <henderso[at]cs.columbia.edu>

Tobias Höllerer (Ph.D., ’03) <htobias[at]cs.columbia.edu>

Sinem Güven (Ph.D., ’06) <sinem[at]cs.columbia.edu>

David Kurlander (Ph.D., ’93) <djk[at]microsoft.com>

Alex Olwal (M.Sc., ’02, KTH) <alx[at]kth.se>

Edward Ishak (Ph.D., ’07) <ishak[at]cs.columbia.edu>

Sean White (Ph.D., ’09) <swhite[at]cs.columbia.edu>

Simon Lok (Ph.D., ’05) <lok[at]cs.columbia.edu>

Blair MacIntyre (Ph.D., ’98) <blair[at]cc.gatech.edu>

Christian Sandor (Ph.D., ’05, TU München) <sandor[at]cs.columbia.edu>

Dorée Seligmann (Ph.D., ’93) <doree[at]avaya.com>

Michelle Zhou (Ph.D., ’98) <mzhou[at]us.ibm.com>

Lab Alumni

Marc Abramson <ma345[at]columbia.edu>

Matthew Anderegg <mja105[at]columbia.edu>

Shezan Baig <sb2284[at]columbia.edu>

William Beaver <wmb2013[at]columbia.edu>

Clifford Beshers <beshers[at]cs.columbia.edu>

Diane Beuschel <deb18[at]columbia.edu>

Aleksandr Bogomolov <aib7[at]columbia.edu>

Roxana Bradescu

Andreas Butz (Postdoc) <andreas.butz[at]ifi.lmu.de>

Zhiyang Cao <zc2109[at]columbia.edu>

Isabella Chan <ic48[at]columbia.edu>

Weikuo Chen

Andrew Cheung <ac565[at]columbia.edu>

Norman Chin <nc[at]cs.columbia.edu>

Thomas Chin <tc172[at]columbia.edu>

William Chiong <wmc14[at]columbia.edu>

Eun Ha Chung

Rolland Crittendon <rdc23[at]columbia.edu>

Ang Cui <ac2024[at]columbia.edu>

Sushil Da Silva <sds5[at]columbia.edu>

Rahmad Dawood <rd153[at]columbia.edu>

Thomas Dickes

Stephen Dossick <sdossick[at]cs.columbia.edu>

Marc Eaddy <eaddy[at]cs.columbia.edu>

Alexandra Ewert <alix[at]cs.columbia.edu>

Elias Gagas <gagman[at]cs.columbia.edu>

Ray Garcia <rg121[at]columbia.edu>

Bhashinee Garg <bg2223[at]columbia.edu>

Daniel Glaser <dmg[at]columbia.edu>

Prakash Gowri Shankor <pg2132[at]columbia.edu>

Phil Gross <png3[at]cs.columbia.edu>

Marcus Haupt <haupt[at]morgan.com>

Matthew Hiller <meh2108[at]columbia.edu>

Yoav Hirsch <yjh9[at]columbia.edu>

Wanshan Hu <wh2004[at]columbia.edu>

Alex Jaimes <ajaimes[at]cs.columbia.edu>

Peter Kamali <kamali[at]cs.columbia.edu>

Peter Karp <karp[at]cs.columbia.edu>

Alex Klevitsky <ak192[at]columbia.edu>

Jason Kopylec <jkk2106[at]columbia.edu>

Jayavardhan Kota <jrk103[at]columbia.edu>

Michael Kraizman <kraizman[at]cs.columbia.edu>

Henry Kung <hk2116[at]columbia.edu>

Jonathan Landers <jrl2121[at]columbia.edu>

Chihong Liang

Jeong-han Lee <jl797[at]columbia.edu>

Mel Lew <melvin[at]columbia.edu>

Eric Li <ewl34[at]columbia.edu>

Randall Li <rql1[at]columbia.edu>

Bernard Lin

Thomas Magdahl

Alvin Mai <alv[at]newyork.com>

Dominic Marino <dmm2141[at]columbia.edu>

Mitchell Morris <mjm311[at]columbia.edu>

Christian Murphy <cdm6[at]columbia.edu>

Vijay Anand Nagarajan <vn2117[at]columbia.edu>

Tarini Naravane <tsn8[at]columbia.edu>

Gary Ngai <gwn2003[at]cs.columbia.edu>

Dustin Norlander <djn11[at]columbia.edu>

Takashi Okuma (Visiting Scientist) <okuma[at]cs.columbia.edu>

Jueychong Ong <ong[at]cs.columbia.edu>

David Orme <djo8[at]columbia.edu>

Ji-Soo Park <jp905[at]columbia.edu>

Erik Peterson <edp2002[at]columbia.edu>

Taniya Pirapokin <tp2026[at]columbia.edu>

Terry Pong <tp30[at]columbia.edu>

Jacob Porway <jmp204[at]columbia.edu>

Gus R. Rashid <gr139[at]columbia.edu>

Miriam Roiter <mr120[at]columbia.edu>

Sajid Sadi <sajid[at]media.mit.edu>

Moshe Sambol <ms242[at]columbia.edu>

Xinshi Sha <xsha[at]cs.columbia.edu>

Simon Shamoun <srs55[at]columbia.edu>

Matthew Shepherd <mes2124[at]columbia.edu>

Wensi “Connie” Shi <wcs2102[at]columbia.edu>

Vadim Strizhevsky

John Tang <jct88[at]columbia.edu>

Surabhan “Nick” Temiyabutr” <st234[at]cs.columbia.edu>

Wei Teng <wt2146[at]columbia.edu>

Tachio Terauchi <tt323[at]cs.columbia.edu>

Keith Thoresz <kjt10[at]columbia.edu

Navdeep Tinna <nst7[at]columbia.edu>

Mark Treshock <mat140[at]columbia.edu>

Jonathan Uy <jju2002[at]columbia.edu>

Justin Vallon <jcv6[at]columbia.edu>

Cesar Vichido Vega <cv2139[at]columbia.edu>

Liqing Xu <xlq[at]ldeo.columbia.edu>

Wendy Walasek <wlw2[at]columbia.edu>

Chris Wang <csw9[at]columbia.edu>

Lawrence Wang <lcw2001[at]columbia.edu>

John Waugh <jrw2005[at]columbia.edu>

Jason Winokur <jw2183[at]columbia.edu>

Pearson Wung <wung[at]cs.columbia.edu>

Ryuji Yamamoto <kukkyny[at]hotmail.com>

Ruigang Yang <ryang[at]cs.uky.edu>

Tianwei Yao <ty48[at]columbia.edu>

Tiantian Zhou <tiantian[at]cs.columbia.edu>

Zhenyu Zhu <zz2103[at]columbia.edu>

Igor Zomb